Fayette School Committee

Goals for 2018/19

Goal #1 Improve FCS Teaching Practices and Student Achievement

Proposed activities:

  • Adopt and implement action plan for the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, which addresses Policy IGA – Curriculum Development and Policy IK – Student Achievement and Evaluation of Student Achievement.

Goal #2 Improve Efficiency of School Fiscal Operations

Proposed Activities:

  • Ensure that local funds are being used efficiently e.g. review current school budget and all contracts for services;
  • Identify ways of saving funds through contracted services such as contracting out for student transportation services;
  • Use state, federal and/or private grants to offset or supplement costs of school programs;
  • Create long-term plan for capital improvements, maintenance, and repairs to FCS.

Goal #3 Improve Communications with Parents, Fayette Citizens, and General Public

Proposed Activities:

  • Provide timely and ongoing information (quality of school programs and activities, budgets, school policies, etc.) to parents and community members via school newsletters, FCS web site, and FCS Facebook page;
  • Provide local newspapers with timely information on FCS programs and activities;
  • Increase two way communications and involvement of FCS parents and Fayette community members e.g. volunteering in school activities, soliciting feedback regarding new school programs, grant applications, etc.

Goal #4 Increase the Knowledge/Skills of Fayette School Committee Members

Proposed Activities:

  • Conduct monthly reviews at FSC meetings of school policies, Maine DOE Updates and Administrative Letters, pending legislation, etc.
  • Participate in Maine School Management Association conferences and activities for school committee members.

Approved by Fayette School Committee on September 13, 2018