SECTION A: Foundations and Basic Commitment

AB The People and Their School District
AC Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity
AC-R Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity- Grievance Procedure
ACAA Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students
ACAA-R Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure
ACAB Harassment and Sexual Harassment of School Employees
ACAB-R Employee Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure
ACAD Hazing
AD Educational Philosophy/Mission
ADA School Department Goals and Objectives
ADAA School System Commitment to Standards for Ethical and Responsible Behavior
ADC Tobacco-Free Schools
ADC-R Tobacco Use and Possession – Admin Procedures, Adopt
ADF School District Commitment to Learning Results

SECTION B: Board Governance and Operations

BB School Board Legal Status
BBA School Board Powers and Responsibilities
BBAA  Board Member Authority and Responsibilities
BBAB School Board Self-Evaluation
BBBA Board Member Qualifications
BBBDA Board-Declared Vacancy
BBBE Unexpired Term Fulfillment/Vacancies
BCA Board Member Code of Ethics
BCB Board Member Conflict of Interest
BCC Nepotism
BDA Board Organizational Meeting
BDB Board Officers
BDD Board/Superintendent Relationship
BDE Board Committees
BDF Advisory Committees to the Board
BE School Board Meetings
BEC Executive Sessions
BEC-E Executive Session Law
BEDA Notification of Board Meetings
BEDB Agenda
BEDC Quorum
BEDD Rules of Order
BEDF Voting Method
BEDFA Abstentions
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BEDL Adjournment of Board Meetings
BG School Board Policy Process
BGB Policy Adoption
BGB-R Policy Adoption- Procedures
BHC Board Communication with Staff 2020
BIA New Board Member Orientation 2020
BIA-R Board Member Orientation Checklist

SECTION C: General School Administration

CB School Superintendent
CBA Superintendent Job Description
CBI Evaluation of Superintendent

SECTION D: Fiscal Management 

DB Annual Budget
DIE Audits/Financial Monitoring
DJ Purchasing
DN School Properties Disposition

SECTION E: Support Services

EBAA Chemical Hazards
EBCA Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
EBCB Fire Drills
EBCC Bomb Threats
EBCE School Closings and Cancellations
ECB Pest Management in School Facilities and on School Grounds
ECB-E1 Pest Management Notification
ECB-E2 Pest Management Notification (Registry)
ECB-E3 Notice of Planned Pesticide Application
EEA Student Transportation Services
EEAEAA Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Driver
EEAEAA-R Transportation Policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing
EEAEAA-R Transportation Policy on Drug and Alcohol Testing (Acknowledgment Form)
EEAEF Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles
EFC Free and Reduced Price for Food Services
EFE Competitive Food Sales

SECTION F: Facilities Development

(none listed)

SECTION G: Personnel

GBEC Drug Free Workplace
GBED Tobacco Free School Policy
GBGAA Bloodborne Pathogens
GBGAA-R Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBJ Personnel Records and Files
GBO Family Care Leave
GCF Professional Staff Hiring
GCFA Employee Social Media Privacy
GCFB Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff
GCFB-R Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff–Procedures
GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCKA Classroom Configurations and Classroom Assignments
GCOA Evaluation of Instructional Staff
GCOC Evaluation of Administrative Staff
GCQC Resignation of School Department Employees
GCSA Employee Computer and Internet Use
GCSA-E Computer/Internet Use Acknowledgment Form
GCSA-R Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules

SECTION H: Negotiations

HA Negotiations Goals/Priority Objectives

SECTION I: Instruction

ID School Day
IDA Pre-Kindergarten Program
IGA Curriculum Development
IHBAA Referral and Use of Education Interventions
IHBAA-R Referral/Pre-Referral Procedures
IHBAB Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
IHBAC ChildFind
IHBAD Personnel Development
IHBAE Parent Involvement- Special Education
IHBAF Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information
IHBAG Participation in Regular Education Programs
IHBAH Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.)
IHBAI Independent Evaluations
IHBAJ Extended School Year
IHBAL Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities
IHBG Home Schooling
IHBGA Home Schooling–Participation in School Programs
IHCDA Post-Secondary Option/Current Enrollment
IJJ Instructional and Library-Media Materials Selection
IJJ-E Citizen’s Challenge of Educational Media Form
IJK Videos
IJNDB Use of Technology Resources in Instruction
IJNDB-R Fayette Central School Acceptable Use Policy
IJOA Field Trips
IJOC School Volunteers
IK Student Achievement/Evaluation of Student Achievement
IKB Homework
IKE Promotion, Retention and Acceleration of Students
IKF Graduation Requirements
ILA Tests/Assessment
ILD Educational Research: Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations
IMBB Exemption from Required Instruction

SECTION J: Students

JEA Compulsory Attendance Ages
JF Student Admission To/Withdrawal from School
JFAA Admission of Resident Students
JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Students
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students
JFB School Choice/Open Enrollment
JFC Student Withdrawal from School (Dropout Prevention Committee)
JHB Truancy
JIC Student Code of Conduct
JICC Student Conduct on School Buses
JICFA Student Hazing
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICI Weapons in the School
JICI-R Weapons in Schools–Administrative Procedure
JICIA Weapons, Violence & School Safety
JICK Bullying
JICK-E1 Bullying Report Form
JICK-E2 Bullying Investigation Form
JICK-E3 Documentation of Disciplinary and Remedial Actions Taken Form
JICK-E4 Bullying Reporting, Investigation and Intervention/Resolution Process
JICK-R Bullying–Administrative Procedure
JK Student Discipline
JKAA Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
JKAA-R Procedures on Physical Restraint and Seclusion
JKAA Reporting Form
JKD Suspension of Students
JKE Expulsion of Students
JKE-R Expulsion Guidelines
JKF Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities
JLF-E Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Form
JLF-R Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Procedure
JL Student Wellness
JLCB Immunization of Students
JLCC Communicable/Infectious Diseases
JLCD Administering Medication To Students
JLCDA Medical Marijuana Policy
JLCD-E-Medication Administration on School Field Trips
JLD Guidance and Counseling
JLF Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
JLF-E Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Form
JLF-R Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Procedure
JRA Student Records
JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights

SECTION K: School Community Relations

KBF Parent Involvement with Chapter Title 1
KDB Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Access
KE Public Concerns and Complaints
KF Community Use of School Facilities
KF-R Facilities Use Form
KFE Emergency Use of School Facilities
KHC Student/Community Communications
KI Visitors

SECTION L: Education Agency Relations

LD Relations with Colleges and Universities
LDA Student Teaching and Internships